About Malika Home Service


A commitment to offer Dignified, Compassionate and Professional care and services to its local community and that is readily accessible, affordable and accountable for customized services of daily living activities in their pursuit of enjoying Quality life in their own home environment.

Guarantee to offer Respected, Warmhearted, and Skillful/professional care Services for our local residents, so that is promptly obtainable, economical and obligated to personalized services of daily living activities or actions while our elderly are enjoying quality life in their own home environment.


Our Values are based upon Integrity, Respect, Compassion and Trust.

Integrity- Being honest in our abilities, and in doing the right thing for all clients, at all times

Respect- Demonstrating understanding for individuals cultural values and personal beliefs

Compassion-Providing care & services in a dignified, responsible and respectful manner

Trust- Developing healthy working relations that safeguard clients’ Rights, Safety and Privacy

Our values and ethics are straightforward. Malika Home Care Services desires to provide outstanding and low-cost home care services to individuals and families around Ottawa iarea.

It is our target to employ qualified, caring, and well-trained individuals who are receptive to the needs of our client, their families and the community we serve. Each employee will meet the Ontario home care education and training fundamentals for the services they implement or deliver. We inspire and assist ongoing education of each service provider.   As an alternative, our agency will provide staff with competitive benefit, appealing work environment, and brilliant, dependable/reliable management and guidance


Our Goals and Objectives are focused on providing Quality services that meets clients’ satisfaction by:

a) Aspiring Excellence in Customer Service, by being at the forefront in our local community that we serve

b) Recruiting and retaining the best employees, by ensuring their personal growth in a familial environment

c) Securing at least 40% of local market share

d) Ensuring sustained adherence to industry standards & regulations

e) Sustaining Clients’ satisfaction with daily services

f) Providing Quality of Work Life for our employees

g) Being a leader in Family Support & Services